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Kristy Watson, hands on knees, coaching 3rd

Kristy Watson

Kristy is an experienced baseball coach, holding NCCP certification as well as being an NCCP coach facilitator and evaluator, delivering NCCP courses to other coaches and certifying their performance in practices and games.

Kristy is also a full time teacher currently teaching Physical Education and Cooking at the high school level, with additional experience in elementary PE.  Additionally, Kristy has run her own personal training business for over 20 years, focusing on functional movement, injury recovery and sports related performance.

Juliette Kladko in her pitching motion

Juliette Kladko

Juliette was a long-term member of the provincial team program, including winning titles at Western Canadians for 14U (2018 and Nationals at 16U (2019). At Nationals she was named tournament MVP. She currently plays for BC Badgers, an all-women's team in a lower mainland men's league.

She helped Team BC 14U win silver at 2023 Western Canadians and has coached an all-girls team in VCB's 15U house league.

Vanessa McKinley in her Concordia uniform

Vanessa McKinley

Vanessa currently plays for Concordia University in Montreal as one of a handful of women to play university/college baseball in Canada. In her youth, she played for team BC, including wins at the National Championships at 16U (2019) and Western Canadians at 14U (2018).


Vanessa was an assistant coach in Team BC 14U's silver medal at the 2023 Western Canadians.


Alex Sy

  • Philippines National Team

  • Team BC Women's & 21U

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Aliyah Weckerle

  • 15U AA Surrey Canadian (2024)

  • Team BC 14U (2022,2023)


Charlie Bowles

  • UBC Thunder (PBL) Bantam & Junior (2022-2024)

  • BC Summer Games (Zone 7)

  • Team BC 14U

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Dylan Bowles

  • NSBA College Prep (2023-2024)

  • Coached little league tournament team (2022)

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Brayden Angeles

  • North Fraser Giants College Prep (2023)

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Kae Lin Whitton

  • 15U AAA VCB Mounties (2023)

  • Team BC 16U (2022, 2023)

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Nathan Pottie

  • North Shore Twins (PBL) Bantam & Junior (2022-2024)

  • BC Summer Games (Zone 7)

  • Team BC 14U

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