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Get to Know Us

At Yolo Baseball, we believe that camp is where our young ones learn a lot about themselves.  With full days away from their parents, they engage in lifelong teachable moments. Campers will challenge their athletic capabilities, develop leadership skills, engaging in friendly conversation and even learn basic life rules like cleaning up after themselves.

Our goal is that every camper walks away with a respectable nickname and more information about themselves than when they started.

Additional Details:

  • Available each of the 4 weeks of July, from 9am-3pm

  • For kids aged 7-12 (born 2012-2017)

  • Camper to staff ratio of 5:1 or better

  • Located at Riley Park

  • Camps on July 19 include Vancouver Canadians game


Typical Daily Agenda:

  • Welcome, warm-up, fundamental movement skill-based games

  • Snack

  • Baseball Instruction

  • Lunch

  • Baseball Instruction

  • Afternoon activity (swimming, game, etc) 

Learn about our coaches​

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